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Her Dream Team

A fantasy football game created for Women’s Super League.


Compendiums edited as a wiki. Available for free and used by lots of NTNU students.


Interactive prototypes straight from Photoshop to your iPhone.


I’m part of the Demo scene group Ninjadev. Here are some of the productions we’ve made, for different demo scene parties.


Ninjadev’s internal demotool. Used to create WebGL demos like The Tale of the Bluebird and the Dragon. Renin itself is based on Vite.js and runs directly in the browser!


Ninjadev’s old demotool. Used to create WebGL demos like Everything is Fashion and Inakuwa Oasis. And nin itself runs directly in the browser!

The Tale of the Bluebird and the Dragon

First production with Ninjadev’s new tool, Renin. Released at Revision 2023.

Flat Shade Society

Invite to Solskogen 2019 made with Ninjadev. Released at Revision 2019.

Look Closer

First time visiting TRSAC 2018, infinite zoomer demo.

Pinky Frinky

Traditional summer demo from Ninjadev for Solskogen 2018.

No Invitation

A demo made with Ninjadev as an invite for Revision 2018.


A demo made with Ninjadev for Solskogen 2017.

What Are You Syncing About?

A demo made with Ninjadev for Revision 2017.

Crankwork Steamfist

Ninjadev’s submission for solskogen 2016.

Everything is Fashion

Ninjadev’s submission for solskogen 2015. Came in at 2nd place.

Inakuwa Oasis

WebGL demo created with THREE.js and nin. First place in combined compo at solskogen 2014


WebGL demo made for Solskogen 2013. 5th place in newschool compo.

KINK demo

A WebGL demo made before going to BEKK Robocup 2013. Written in javascript using THREE.js.


Cute Animals Inc.

My second Bacon Game Jam entry with Ninjadev. October 2013.


An HTML5 Game written for the Bacon Game Jam in september 2012.

Other projects


Check if the weather is good enough to wear shorts today.


For displaying large type in the browser.

Change Places

A simple web-app with a repeating timer. Made for extreme programming where people get 5 minutes each to work on the computer.

Guide to DataGK [no]

A Web 1.0 like guide to passing the Intro to computers exam.